distance Soul readinG


You have brought with yourself a purpose, the reason why you are alive.
You were born with a schedule, a very well planned one, so you would experience situations required to your evolution.
When you are on the right, planned track, you feel an enormous satisfaction in being alive, you really feel useful and synchronized to the superior forces.
Your connection with the Divine is natural, no sacrifices or efforts are needed.
So, are you sure you have made the right choices?
After so much effort, do you feel yourself complete?
Do you understand how the emotional and and the mental aspects interfere in your life?
If you want to know the imbalances taking hold on your life, we invite you to analyse your soul with us.

Soul reading

Soul Reading aims to enlighten you about the factors that have been hindering your walk and allow you to make a deep work of inner reform.
We all have several imbalances, however, these are not who we are, we are only momentarily unbalanced.
We are perfectly able to achieve the perfect harmony and balance.
It is our proposal.

Flower remedies

After verifying the efficiency of flower remedies therapy, I started prescribing them to those who need help to reconnect to their souls and find their purpose in life, working on their minds and the emotional, spiritual and physical aspects. 
The flower remedies act upon problems of both present and past and those brought from past lives that interfere in your present life. They open the doors to self-knowledge. You will need to be attentive to changes in your thoughts, behavior and intuition
This treatment can be done concomitantly with other medications you may be under. Flower remedies can be made with cognac, vinegar or glycerin. If you are under medication, it is wise not to make them with alcohol.
The treatment requires time and dedication, but it is worth it. The only thing you must have is discipline. It is necessary to take the remedies as prescribed. 


I work through dowsing. Everything that exists emits radiation and our minds are capable of noticing very subtle vibrations. Dowsing is done by a person who has been trained to capture vibrational information and translate them through the oscillation of the dowsing instruments, in my case, a pendulum. It is not mysticism, but sensibility to radiations. 


By sending your full name and date of birth through e-mail, I am able to "read" your energetic field and indicate the best flower remedies to your treatment. Therefore, your vibrational analysis is done from afar; you do not need to be present. 
The prescription and a summary of what has been observed in the researches will be sent to your e-mail so you can understand what will be treated and what caused such imbalance. With the prescription in hand, you must go to or call a compounding pharmacy so they can work on the flower remedies.


This work does not lend itself to do magic, astral or numerological maps nor predict the future.

Begin your treatment

Send an e-mail to contato@dealmaparaalma.com.br with your full name and date of birth to make your request. Within 10 days you will receive your diagnosis through email. People outside Brazil can utilize paypal to make payment. Get in touch and begin your treatment!